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Free & Easy Step-by-step How To Ask Customers For Video Testimonial

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“Any small business has – at least – a handful of clients with a profound story to tell about their experience with the business’ services/products. It’s legit. It’s free. And it’s easy to leverage!
I wrote this book to empower small businesses to stop with the excuses and to use video testimonials to grow their businesses. It’s that powerful!
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Why video marketing?

“Videos allow companies to showcase important features of their businesses. They deliver your message fast and favorable, builds trust, and, consequentially, sales”. 

It’s a fact! When learning about products or services, most people choose videos as a source of learning instead of reading. 

Here are a few other reasons why any business should invest in video marketing: 

  • Videos are a Great Way to Explain Your Product 
  • Videos Boost Conversion Rate and Sales
  • You Can Use Video in a Variety of Ways and through multiple media.
  • Consumers favor watching videos over reading
  • Videos are Great for SEO 
  • Video Builds Trust
  • Video Appeals to Mobile Users
  • Video Enhances Email Campaigns
  • Videos are a great way to reduce future product returns and customer support 
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What type of video content can we create for you?
Instructional Videos
Event Coverage
Marketing Materials
Thank You
Next Steps
What To Expect
Vlog – A Day In The Life
About Us
Mission and Vision
Product Review
Sales support
Much More
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We believe in the power of stories as the right way to convey ideas, create connections, and increase sales.

Flow Online Marketing is a full-stack digital marketing agency and multi-media studio based in northern California.

We are here to help your business shine and thrive, from strategy to execution of your marketing.

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Our team

As a full-stack digital marketing agency, our team is composed of incredible and specialized talents in different fields.

Marketing Consultant


Video Editor


Graphic Designer

Paid Ad Manager

Project Manager

Social Media Manager

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our process

Our full done-for-you production of video testimonials is guided by our experience, but built collaboratively with our clients and our client’s clients.  It is composed of 7 big sequencial blocks, and usually takes 3-4 weeks to be finalized.

1. Marketing Meeting

2. Pre-Recording Meeting

3. Getting Ready

4. Shooting Day

4. Editing

5. Review and Approval

6. Delivery

7. Publishing (optional)

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